A selfie of me hiking on snowy Mt. Rainier. I am smiling while wearing my hat and sunglasses. Behind my head, in the distance, you can see the looming peak of Mt. Adams.
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The technologies, services, and people that empowered me to build this website.

This site is typeset in Söhne by Klim Type Foundry and Blanco by Foster Type. Söhne and Blanco are licensed to John Eatmon for personal and commercial use.

I used Standard for the Satori-generated OG images (couldn’t get Söhne to work 😥). Standard is a translation and modification of Berthold’s 1896 version by Bryce Wilner. It is licensed under the SIL Open Font License.


This website is built with Astro, Tailwind CSS, some React, and a few Headless UI and Radix UI components. For a holistic view of the technologies used, you can check out the source code on GitHub.


This site is hosted for free by Vercel and images are served by Cloudflare Images. The site is tracked with Plausible Analytics, a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. The map on my About page was made in Felt, an absolutely delightful map-making tool.


I owe many thanks to the friends, family, and acquaintances whom offered design feedback, technical support, and encouragement.

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